This page contains a small example of the people who Mr. Erickson has been able to help. The Erickson Method of injury management is a proven system which returns the individual back to their sport or normal life without pain or restrictions.

The following is a brief summary of each person’s experience at Optimum Health:

 * Russell Wardlow, age 24, involved in a terrible car accident where he suffered a traumatic brain injury. His injuries were life threatening, but through the remarkable work of the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital staff, Russell survived. His convalescence at Kessler Memorial showed slow progress, directly related to the seriousness of the injuries. After some months Russ began to make progress and could finally stand on his own. The staff at Kessler did an amazing job. As the time for discharge was coming, Russ’s parents (Bob & Georgeanne) reached out to Mr. Erickson for help. Russ had a prognosis that included never running, never driving and never working again. After a thorough evaluation Mr. Erickson worked tirelessly, hour after hour, and finally progress began to appear. This five year battle has a great outcome as Russ can run, go skiing, drive (his license was restored) and he is working for FedEx. For more information about Russ, click here

 * Linda P, age 42, was injured in a fall from a train platform at the Trenton Train Station, where her knee, ankle and hip were affected, The most significant injury was a torn ACL and PCL of the right knee. Mrs. Piffer consulted a local orthopedic surgeon and discussed an outcome with no surgery. Mrs. Piffer recommended that Mr. Erickson be contacted, the doctor agreed. Through a rigorous therapeutic exercise program, along with Linda’s determination, it was 6 months later that surgery had been avoided and full use of the leg had been achieved. She still continues in our fitness and therapy program.

 * James McNally, age 19, is a basketball player who at 15 was experiencing frequent and debilitating back spasms. His parents had taken James to doctor after doctor, including The Spine Institute in New York City. Nothing seemed to relieve his pain. After his freshman year in high school James considered quitting the game he loved as he could not play through the pain. His parents, to their credit never gave up, until a friend mentioned to them that he had seen Mr. Erickson help a friend who had a similar problem. Mr. and Mrs. McNally met with Mr. Erickson, to review all the test results, the outcome of 3 rounds of physical therapy, and James’ current status. During this process, Mr. Erickson noticed that James exhibited an unusual stride when running. Further evaluation revealed that James had a very common problem in young people called sacro/iliac dysfunction with the left spinal erector muscle group impinged. This was the source of the spasms! Through several therapeutic exercises and 2 releases, James’ pain was gone. After this, James was enrolled in our sports training academy where he excelled and achieved the honor of being named the Somerset County player of the year and was named to the All State team. Currently, he is attending Franklin and Marshall College where he has led the team in scoring as a freshman, and continues to lead into his sophomore year.

 * Mike J, age 16, is a track athlete who at 15 was unable to run due to severe pain in his side (rib area). Mike and his parents endured countless tests, MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, which were all negative. There was some consideration that it might be his gall bladder, but the test was negative. A course of physical therapy had no impact. At one point a suggestion was made to give Mike medication to raise his blood pressure! Finally, with frustration at it’s highest, a friend suggested Optimum Health. Mr. Erickson met with Mike and his mom, and after reviewing the extensive tests, we decided to have Mike run on a treadmill and observe. It was immediately obvious that there was something wrong, his running is called “plant/carry”, which means one leg is carrying most of the load. From this it was easy to determine that Mike had an impinged muscle which has it’s origin at the top of the hip, hence the source of the pain. Mr. Erickson released the impingement and a near normal gait was exhibited. After working with our staff in the sports academy Mike is poised to have an outstanding junior track season.

 * Madeline F., age 56, had arthroscopic surgery on her left shoulder. After a full course of physical therapy she still could not raise her arm more than a few inches. Madeline’s dentist recommended that she call Mr. Erickson to see if he could help. Reluctantly, she finally could not take the pain and lack of motion and called. Mr. Erickson explained that adhesions had developed because the arm did not get to full ROM fast enough. A therapeutic exercise program was developed and within 3 months Madeline had full use of her arm. She still continues at Optimum Health in our personal training program.

 * Nick Calari, age 15, presented at Optimum Health with his parents after a referral from one of our clients. Nick is a soccer player who had a problem with his right leg. The circumference of the right was 3 inches smaller then his left. Mr. and Mrs. Calari explained that he had been to just about every medical office and special joint disease hospital around and no one had an answer. One facility suggested that it was a virus which had damaged a nerve and Nick would be handicapped forever. The Calari’s refused to accept this prognosis and kept searching for a treatment (including some very unusual remedies). Mr.Erickson thoroughly reviewed all the information and found that Nick appeared to have a motor nerve entrapment in his hip. A release technique was performed and when re-tested there was a significant increase in strength. Once this was confirmed the real work began the arduous task of undoing all of the bad mechanics that had developed to compensate. Session after session of frustration, explaining to Nick that he must allow the leg to fail during very specific agility drills. His mechanics had to be torn down and rebuilt. Finally, after many months there was a breakthrough, the leg began to respond normally! During this time Nick went to a showcase camp where he was rated for college level play. He was rated to be merely a club/intramural player, Nick was crushed. Mr. Erickson explained to Nick that this was the motivation we needed and just stay focused because good things were coming. As his senior season approached we both began to have confidence that a success was near. That success was realized when Nick was named all county, all conference, and all state, including being invited to play at the Prudential Center in the Ironman Classic. Nick will be playing next year for Drew University.

 * Lou P. age 35, presented to our facility with chronic knee pain.Lou explained that he had not been able to run (his passion) since college and wanted to know if Optimum Health was the answer. Mr.Erickson performed a full gait analysis and said to Lou, “I’ll know in 2 weeks”. After 2 weeks, Mr. Erickson advised Lou that running again would be possible. Lou wondered if a 5K was okay as a test, of course the answer was yes. After a successful 5K, Lou wondered if a 10K was possible, Mr. Erickson said “in 6 months”. Well this process went on for some time and currently Lou has run in 7 marathons and continues to run 40 to 45 miles per week while training in our sports therapy and conditioning program.

 * John Morris, age 44, is a golfer who had to stop playing due to upper back spasms and pain. John was referred to Optimum Health by members of Raritan Valley country club, who participate in our personal training program. John was a very good golfer who played 3 to 4 times per week. Mr. Erickson analyzed John’s swing and noticed an abnormal hip movement. After checking the area, it was noted that several muscles of the hip and lower back were impinged. A program was structured and within 3 months John was back playing better than ever.

 * Gina C, age 15, is a lacrosse, and soccer player and also a runner. Gina’s mom made an appointment to see Mr. Erickson after an injury occurred playing soccer where she suffered a complete break of her right clavicle. After 3 months of treatment and physical therapy she was told to resume her sports activities, Gina complained that her shoulder still hurt and told her mom that she didn’t think she could play or run. Mr. Erickson evaluated Gina and her ROM, there was some pain but more noticeable was the abnormal appearance of her right shoulder. Her right scapula was winged and there was a “golf ball” size bump on the clavicle. Mr, Erickson asked what the orthopedic doctor said about this bump. His response was that Gina had to live with it or surgery was necessary. Mr. Erickson explained to Gina and her mom that the scapula had not been positioned properly during immobilization and that it could not stay like this, because the pain would not resolve. A release of the muscle holding the scapula would be required. Gina and her mom agreed and thankfully the release was successful and the scapula and clavicle are now normal in appearance and function. Also Gina continues to train in our sports training academy and has had a very successful track season this year.

 * Peter R, age 48, presented to Optimum Health with a long history of back problems. Peter had tried just about everything, including a bad outcome with epidural pain injections. He explained that he feared his career as a harbor pilot was in jeopardy. If he could not climb a ships ladder he could not perform the job. After an evaluation Mr. Erickson placed Peter in our “Back Hardening” program along with a general conditioning routine. It is now 2 years later and Peter has only had one incident of back spasms (early in the program, at the 2 month mark). He is now confident that he can continue to perform his job until he is ready to voluntarily retire.

 * Gail S., age 49, had experienced a stress fracture of her tibia and also was scheduled for ulnar decompression surgery on her elbow. Gail was upset and distraught over what had happened, she had kept herself in good shape over the years and this problem had her very depressed.
Gail came to Optimum Health with a recommendation and was willing to try anything. Mr. Erickson evaluated Gail and found 2 ordinary shin splints in her leg and a nerve entrapment in her shoulder (the elbow pain). Through therapeutic exercise techniques both problems resolved and Gail avoided surgery. She has since put herself into amazing physical condition and continues to participate in our personal training program.

 * Maritza B., age 38, presented at Optimum Health to hopefully increase her energy and get rid of her tired feeling. Mr. Erickson evaluated her current condition and decided to perform a full graded exercise test. This was also to be a “training” example for our staff. As Maritza began our evaluation, one of our trainers took her blood pressure. The trainer was having difficulty getting a reading, this is when Mr. Erickson stepped in and said that something was wrong and he would continue the test. Maritza’s blood pressure and heart rate were abnormal, at which time the test was stopped and she was advised to see her doctor right away. Mr. Erickson gave her strict instructions and a written note to give to her doctor. The outcome was that Maritza followed Mr. Erickson’s direction and received a thorough cardiology work up, which detected a conductivity problem with her heart. A pacemaker was implanted the following day and Maritza continues in our fitness and wellness program. This is truly a great story!

 * James Piersanti, age 19, has attended Optimum Health Sports Training Academy for the past 4 years. James started training after his sophomore year and was a 2 sport athlete (baseball and football).  His program at our sports academy was intense for both sports, constantly alternating the program based on his individual needs. When James entered his senior year at Immaculata High School, it became apparent that his ability to play football at the middle linebacker position would be his avenue to play at the college level. James’ program was modified to have him excel at the middle linebacker position. His success was incredible until he was playing in the state playoffs and he took a hit against his knee and went down. James was hurt and had to be helped off the field. After an examination by the training staff, he was told that it was an MCL tear, and he was done for the season. Mr.Erickson was called onto the field by James’ parents and after testing the injury it was apparent that he could recover. The goal was to get James back on the field (safely), and we had 3 weeks before the state championship game to get it done. Mr. Erickson, in concert with James’ parents Dr. Brad McAdams, began a rehabilitation program that was intense and determined. The result was that 2 weeks later James was practicing and played well in the state championship game in front of his future college coach. James was named to the all-state team that year and is now playing at Salisbury University in Maryland.

These are just a sample of the case histories from Optimum Health where The Erickson Method has succeeded. For more information about the program please contact us via e-mail ( )  or call. Please note that before scheduling an appointment with Mr. Erickson, you must have been seen by your personal physician or team doctor and received a diagnosis.