Welcome to Optimum Health Sports Academy!

Sports specific training involves optimizing athletic performance and reducing the potential for injury through comprehensive programs that improve core strength and balance, increase power, and enhance agility and speed for the sport. This is how your game is perfected.

Our dedicated staff are former high school and college athletes, where our goal is to optimize your athletic performance before, during, and after the season.

When to strength train:
One of the unfortunate myths regarding training of young athletes is the idea that resistance training is unsafe for younger adolescent and pre-adolescent athletes. Yet, there are numerous medical studies available that show a properly managed resistance program is safe and has no negative impact on epiphyseal plate development. Actually, young athletes who participate in our program generally experience fewer and less severe injuries.

The Erickson Method:
All programs are uniquely designed by Gerald Erickson to prevent injury. They are carefully structured to build the foundation of athletic success.
Already injured?
Mr. Erickson has a special understanding of the injured athlete. His approach to recovery is to shorten the healing process and return the athlete to the sport as quickly as possible, without risk of re-injury. Click here for more information.